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Videos of CLAAS 850 Axion
Item ID: 675A2611

2018 CLAAS 850 Axion 4WD Tractor

Winkler, Manitoba
Working hours
3,424 h
Serial Number

- Claas-850-Axion

Basic information
Category4WD Tractor
MakeCLAAS 850 Axion
LocationWinkler, Manitoba
Price169,152 USD
Tractor typeFarm Tractor
Traction4 WD
Hours3,424 h
Extra optionsReconditioned
Serial NumberA4002053
Unit Number3515
Air conditioningAir conditioning
AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
Power shift transmissionPower shift transmission
Driver seat air suspensionDriver seat air suspension
Cabin suspensionCabin suspension
Front PTOFront PTO
Front linkageFront linkage
Clutchless forward-reverse shuttleClutchless forward-reverse shuttle
Front axle suspensionFront axle suspension
Differential lockDifferential lock
Rotating beaconRotating beacon
Additional informationExternal operation for front linkage and front spool val
Without linkage-mounted weight block
Front PTO 1000 rpm, 6 splines, 1 3/8" (CEBIS)
Electronic position control
24/24-gear HEXASHIFT, HEXACTIV, 2 engine-speed memories
Wiring loom, complete
Without SAT 900 GNSS receiver
CLAAS communication module (3G)
TELEMATICS basic licence – 1 year
Without terminal
ELC with radar sensor & wheel slip control
Lower links, cat. 3, ball ends
Sway blocks rear linkage
Top link, cat. 3 with ball end
Mounting bracket for drawbar or hitch ball
Drawbar, cat. 4 HD
Without clevis
Without linkage drawbar and ball set
Without air brakes
Without ABS connection for trailer
LS hydraulic system, variable displacement pump 150 l/mi
5 + 2 spool valves, electrohydraulic proportional
4 plug-in connections front / 1 free flow return line
Without Power Beyond
Transmission without creeper range
W/o creeper
GPS-ready, transmission ratio 50 km/h
PROACTIV front axle with brakes
sans axe ( 1 sur rel )
fr Hyd ou PN av PAV frein
Pièces pour ponts CARRARO
Obturateur N4 PT Suspendu
PTO stub, 6 splines and 21 splines 1 3/8" + 20 splines 1
Parking brake on REVERSHIFT lever
Front mudguards, pivoting, 470 mm
Without rear wheel weights
ECER120 250 hp nom/264 mx
Diesel pre-filter
Battery master switch, electronic
White diesel
Cold-start kit down to -30°C
Diesel pre-filter, heated
Exhaust pipe, stainless steel
Without air compressor
Cab with 4-point suspension
Roof with transparent sunroof, reinforced
Rear window
Rear wiper, with right-hand wiper
Electric mirror
Mudguard extensions to 2.75 m external width
Screen mounting rail
Tool box
Removable storage box, left
Additional interface sockets
2 high-level headlights, A-pillar
Wide load lighting with turn indicators
4x halogen road lights, 2x halogen work lights, bonnet
LED work lights: 6x roof, front, 6x roof, rear
Work lights, LED: 2x front, 2x rear, 2x steps
Colour, seed green
Driver's seat, active suspension - heated and cooled
Passenger seat with safety belt
Automatic climate control
Without radio
Without ashtray
Steering wheel, standard
30 km/h sticker
Safety sticker, standard
Road travel mode, North America
2 rotating warning beacons

16.9 R30 Mitas TD03 road tyres / fixed rim
20.8-R42 transport tyres / 10 holes (335 mm)
20.8-R42 transport tyres / 10 holes (335 mm)
T 20.8-R42 transport tyres / 10 holes (335 mm)
Support GPA45
Tapis sans EDRIVE X
av AP av TB ss GPS ready
Verrified sellerVerified Seller
+1 204 325 2957
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Frank Unger 1-204-325-2957
1 204 325 5090
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24084 Hwy 3 East, Winkler, Manitoba R6W 4B1, Canada
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