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Used John Deere Equipment For Sale

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Buy used John Deere equipment with confidence

John Deere is a well-known American heavy equipment manufacturer that serves various industries such as construction, heavy trucks, and forestry but is most notable for their footprint in the agriculture and farming industry.

With some of the best advancements in the agriculture industry, John Deere is next to none when it comes to increasing efficiency through automation paired with some of the best farming machinery available.

Find the best John Deere equipment for sale near you

With Ritchie List you can find the best John Deere equipment for sale by owners who are conveniently located near you. Our inventory offers equipment from all industries like farming tractors, excavators, utility vehicles like the famous Gator, wheel loaders and so much more.

John Deere farming machinery

John Deere produces some of the most sought-after farming and agriculture tractors in the industry regardless of the size of your farm. If you’re new to farming or starting a rancher, John Deere is known for some of the best utility and compact tractors in the market with some notable models such as the John Deere 3038 or the John Deere 25 compact tractor. These models are a great starter tractor on a new farm due to an efficient price point and their versatility to perform a multitude of tasks on the farm.

John Deere gators

When it comes to utility vehicles, The Gator is the first thing that comes to mind. The Gator is one of John Deere’s most notable and successful line of UTVs. These vehicles serve a variety of industries such as construction, golfing utility vehicles, on the farm and much more.

How much does a used gator cost?

There’s nothing better than buying a Gator at a great deal. At Ritchie List, you’ll find some newer models starting around $7,000 but for models are more specced for utility purposes, you’ll see prices climb to an upwards of $15,000. Create an account with us to always get new listing alerts so you wont miss a deal on a new Gator at Ritchie List.

How much are used John Deere tractors?

When it comes to pricing of used tractors, a lot of factors are taken into consideration such as the model, specifications, conditions, and mileage. Looking at some of the entry level models of John Deere tractors, higher mileage utlity tractors, or older models tend so start as low as $2,000 where as some of the newer models or low mileage models land anywhere between $6,000 to $8,000.

For the heavy-duty tractors like 4WD farm tractors like the John Deere 6605 or 4044M, prices start around $15,000 where the newer condition models are around the $40,000 mark. For the advanced tractors for larger famrs, you'll find models lke the John Deere 8295 which is usually priced around $300,000 for the newer models.

When you’re in the market for a John Deere tractor, excavator, or forestry machinery, you’ll find some of the best prices for used John Deere machinery at Ritchie List. When you create an account with Ritchie List you’ll be able to sign up for listing alerts so you won’t miss any great deals on used John Deere equipment.

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