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Item ID: C382D7BD

2021 Sany SCA2600A Lattice-Boom Crawler Crane

Houston, Texas

- Sany-Sca2600a

Basic information
CategoryLattice-Boom Crawler Crane
MakeSany SCA2600A
LocationHouston, Texas
CountryUnited States
Price1,795,000 USD
Additional informationDescription: In stock!! 2021 Sany SCA2600A, 286 ton lattice crawler crane, 305' main, 138' fixed jib, 207' luffing jib, 50mt block, 100mt block, 160mt block, 260mt block, 3 year or 3,000 hr warranty, ONE (1) 2021 SANY MODEL SCA2600A HYDRAULIC LATTICE BOOM CRAWLER CRANE UPPER MACHINERY ENGINE: Cummins QSG12-C400, 450 hp (336kW) ... 1,800 rpm turbocharged/intercooled diesel engine (Tier 4 Final Compliant). The fuel tank has a capacity of 277 US gallons (1050L). SWING SYSTEM: Independent swing powered by the large displacement motor coupled to a planetary reducer with spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc swing brake mounted on the swing motor. The swing bearing is a triple row, roller bearing design. The system provides a 1.8 revolution per minute (rpm) swing speed. LOAD HOIST SYSTEM: Two load hoist drums, one main and one auxiliary are provided. Both the main and the auxiliary hoist drums are base boom mounted. Each drum is independently mounted and driven by a hydraulic axial piston motor with planetary gear reduction. A spring-set, hydraulically released, multi-disc holding brake is mounted inside the hoist motor and is operated through a counter balance valve. An external ratcheting mechanism is fitted for locking the drums. The main and auxiliary drums are equipped with 28mm diameter wire rope. Drum line speed is 384 feet per minute (117 m/min) on the main drum and 384 feet per minute (117 m/min) on the auxiliary. Maximum capacity on the main drum is 1,575 feet (480m) and 1,280 feet (390m) on the auxiliary drum. Each drum has a power up/down mode. Freefall capability is included on the main and auxiliary winches. Drum rotation indicators are standard for all load hoist drums. BOOM HOIST SYSTEM: Drum is powered by a hydraulic axial piston motor coupled through a planetary reducer equipped with a spring-set, hydraulically released pawl that is automatically actuated when boom is stopped. The drum is grooved for 28mm diameter wire rope. An auxiliary boom hoist drum is included to control the luffing jib. AUXILIARY LUFFING SYSTEM: An auxiliary luffing hoist drum is mounted in the base boom section. It has a maximum capacity of 1,345’ (410m) of 20mm wire rope. Maximum drum speed is 253’ per minute (77 m/min). HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: The open loop circuit system supplies power to the travel and hoisting functions. It consists of the main hydraulic system, the pilot control system, the slewing system and auxiliary system. The major hydraulic components are produced by Kawasaki and Rexroth. OPERATOR’S CAB: The spacious operator’s cab is isolated from the machinery deck in order to provide a quiet and comfortable environment. The cab is fully enclosed. It features tinted safety glass windows on all sides in order to provide maximum vision of the working area. The front windshield includes wiper/washers. A full instrumentation package provides all the necessary gauges for engine performance monitoring. The interactive Load Moment Indicator (LMI) monitors the main boom and upper boom point. The 25 degree cab tilt-back feature along with the ergonomically designed controls reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. The joystick crane controls include drum rotation indicators for the main and auxiliary winches. A heater, air conditioner and adjustable deluxe operator seat are included. COUNTERWEIGHT: Standard upper counterweight consists of one base section weighing 35,200 lbs (16 mt) with 14 overlays each weighing 13,200 lbs. (6 mt) providing a standard upper counterweight of 220,000 lbs (100 mt). The standard lower counterweight package consists of two 50,600 lbs (23 mt) carbody counterweights. The upper and lower packages provide a total available counterweight of 321,200 lbs (146 mt). BOOM & SUSPENSION BOOM: Includes 65’-7” (20m) of tubular chord basic boom consisting of a 34’-0” (10.35m) boom base inner section, 9’-9” (3.0m) center section and a 21’-10” (6.65m) transition/boom tip outer section. A mechanical boom angle indicator, steel strap boom suspension rigging and boom hoist wire rope are included. Telescopic boom back-stops and a boom over-hoist prevention device are standard. Anti-two-block controls for the main and auxiliary lifting lines are also included. Maximum basic boom length is 301’-10” (92m) when employing the full counterweight package. 301’-10” (92m) of heavy-lift boom included in selling price. Maximum boom length consists of: 34’-0” (10.35m) Inner (Basic) 9’-9” (3m) Center (Basic) 19’-8” (6m) Center 39’-4” (12m) Center 21’-10” (6.65m) Transition/Boom Head (Basic) 1 1 2 5 1 BOOM SUSPENSION: High strength steel boom suspension strap rigging (two part). Retractable, main luffing mast. FIXED JIB: A 137’-9” (42m) fixed jib is included in the selling price. The basic fixed jib is 42’-7” (13m) consisting of the 19’-7” (6.0m) base section and the 23’-0” (7.0m) tip section. The full jib length includes two additional 37’-9” (11.5m) and one 19’-8” inserts (6m). The maximum combination of boom and fixed jib is 203’-5” (62m) of boom and 137’-9” (42m) of fixed jib. LUFFING JIB: A 206’-8” (63m) luffing jib is included in the selling price. The basic luffing jib is 68’-11” (21m) comprised of a 19’-8” (6m) base section, a 19’-8” (6m) center transitional section, a 9’-9” (3m) insert and a 19’-8” (6m) tip section. The maximum combination of boom and luffing jib is 203’-5” (62m) of boom and 206’-8” (63m) of luffing jib. LOWER MACHINERY CARBODY: Fabricated steel carbody is constructed from high-strength steel plates. Precision machined top supports anti-friction swing circle and multiple pass hydraulic swivel joint. HYDRAULIC PROPEL: The machine is propelled by two variable displacement motors connected to planetary gear reduction units. A spring applied, hydraulically released, multi-disc brake is applied and released automatically through the travel control. Two speed travel is standard (.62 and .39 mph travel speeds, 1.0km/h & .62km/h). CRAWLER SIDE FRAMES: Overall crawler length 30’-0” (9150 mm) Crawler shoe width 47” (1200mm) Width side frame extended 26’-2” (7980 mm) Crawlers have high steel alloy tumbler yokes and rigid fabricated structures. The side frames are removable for transportation. TRANSPORTATION PACKAGE: The crane’s main luffing mast can be rigged to handle the side frames during the self-installation and self-removal process. Hydraulic cylinders are mounted inside the carbody for installation and removal of the side frames. Four vertical hydraulic jacks mounted to the carbody are used during the self-erect and disassembly process to raise the crane for side frame installation and removal. ATTACHMNETS AND LOAD BLOCKS: • Single sheave extension for boom • 260m-ton hook block • 160m-ton hook block • 100m-ton hook block • 50m-ton hook block • 16m-ton overhaul weight/hook CASH SELL PRICE EX-WORKS HOUSTON, TX - $1,795,000 USD NOTES: 1) Special 3 year or 3,000-hour parts and labor warranty included in the price. 2) Service, operation, transportation, assembly & disassembly manuals are in English only.
+1 281-623-3411
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David Green
Texas Used Crane Sales LLC
+1 281-623-3411
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3400 Mesa Dr. Ste. C, Houston TX 77013, United States
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