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Everything you need to list and sell privately

At Ritchie List, you get access to buyers with $1B+ in pre-approved financing, and we give you the tools to make private selling easy, efficient, and profitable.

Here’s what’s included with your subscription for US$99 (CA$129) per month:

  • Unlimited listings with easy photo & video upload for your ads

  • “Want To Buy” ad requests from buyers sent directly to your email in real time

  • Free industry-leading Inventory Management System (IMS) to easily manage your listings

  • Ritchie Bros. Price Results tool to help you competitively price your equipment

Why list with Ritchie List?

  • Affordable monthly subscription

  • Motivated buyers - Ritchie Bros. Financial Services’ customers with $1B+ in active pre-approved financing

  • Backed by Ritchie Bros. – the trusted global leader in asset management, disposition, and services; in business for 60+ years

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We've sold several units through Ritchie List and the customer base has opened up – it’s more global and not so centralized. In addition, when listing a unit we are able to describe in more detail the different attachments it has. This is something different that other forums do not offer or give us the ability to ‘check that box.

Shellma Serracin, Salem Leasing Corp.

Other services to help you sell

Data and pricing tools

You get access to our comprehensive tools and reports to help you analyze demand and pricing, optimally price your equipment, and guide your selling strategy.

Get better data, make better decisions with:

  • Ritchie Bros. Price Results tool
  • Market Trends Report
  • Rouse Sales

Customized dealer webshop*

Automatically offer your equipment to buyers, and fully manage and transact sales with your own branded e-commerce website complete with mobile app and marketing tools. We’ve designed and built this robust technology to be easy to use, while ensuring it’s reliable, efficient, and most importantly – secure.
*Additional cost