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Item ID: 8F6C78C1

2023 Others Primo HD CAR 82X20 TA Flatbed Trailer

Lethbridge County, Alberta

- Other-Primo-Hd-Car-82X20-Ta

Basic information
CategoryFlatbed Trailer
Make Primo HD CAR 82X20 TA
LocationLethbridge County, Alberta
Price8,417 USD
Unit Number#P231286
Rear tire sizeRadial 15″ Tires
AttachmentsTorsion Sure Lube Axle r
TIG Welded Frame Is Better Than MIG Welding
Stainless Steel Hardware
Radial 15″ Tires
Aluminum Mag Wheels
All Recessed L.E.D Lights
Tubular A-Frame Tongue
Ramps that turn into stone guards
Aluminum Extruded Decking Standard
PRIMO designed for the consumer
6 5000 lbs. in floor D-rings
Additional information7 X 20 Tandem Axle CAR Hauler

Our car haulers are specifically designed with the customer in mind. Our main frame is made with 2×5 inch tube with a thickness of ¼”, this makes our car hauler frame the strongest on the market rated at 6990lbs. Sticking true to our base we not only run our main framing from front to back, but we add 4 more 1×2 inch beams that span the whole length of the trailer. We then use 4-6 more 1×2 beams from side to side. We then go even further and add two more 2×4 inch tubes down each side of the trailer.

All wiring is ran completely enclosed with no wire exposed. We use ultra-bright LED lights to ensure everyone on the road can see your trailer at night.

We use 6005-A aluminum on this trailer. 6005-A is a great aluminum, it has the strength of 6061 but the flexibility of 6063. Almost every US based aluminum trailer manufacturer use 6061, this is a strong aluminum but is not flexible at all so when it fails it shatters. 6005-A offers the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. You might be wondering why all these companies use 6061. The answer is simple, availability and cost. 6005-A is an aluminum that is not only hard to source in the US but is also almost 30% more expensive. Fortunately, we have partners to provide us a steady stream of this premium aluminum. At Primo Trailer Manufacturing, we strive to be the best aluminum trailer manufacturer in the US. We promise to never cut corners to save a dime if it is at the expensive of cutting any quality.

We use a 1.5mm thick custom extrusion for our flooring. This mold has 4 ribs giving each 8’ long piece a 2500lb payload capacity. We have drove Kubota and Yanmar excavators over these pieces with no problems occurring.
+1 4033209889
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Seller contact info
Julian Van Hierden
Vantage Trailer Sales Inc
+1 4033209889
Please tell the seller that you found their machine for sale on Ritchie List
#5 90070 RR 211, Lethbridge County, Alberta T1J 5P1, Canada

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Sales Department
Vantage Trailer Sales Inc
+1 (403) 320-9889
Please tell the seller that you found their machine for sale on Ritchie List
#5 90070 RR 211, Lethbridge County, Alberta T1J 5P1, Canada
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